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What is a freelance job? Choosing to work as a gold engineer

​What is a Gold Engineer?

We provide a custom-made (perception / thinking / emotion) type professional engineer dispatch service of Goldwork.

We are here. We have received a lot of ale from our customers that the engineers and PMs who work at Goldwork value the importance of building solid communication.

Please see the announcement below to see our Goldwork work up and make an entry.

Appointment advisor system

At Goldwork, it's not all about helping you find a job.

Until you find the right job for you and play an active role

thinking about.

Understand your experience and career and tailor it to your needs

We will match the assignment destinations and formulate a work life plan.

Matching the right job considering the conditions of you and the company

I will do it.

Goldwork makes finding a job even more fun and easy.

​As a registered engineer

Goldwork grows to reach the top of engineer dispatch

Excellent engineer staff is indispensable for continuing.

Registered engineers who are active in Goldwork will bring Goldwork closer to the top of the industry by working and playing an active role at contracted companies as a representative of Goldwork.

Goldwork engineers and appointed advisors should work together to develop a project strategy and build a free working style with Goldwork.

​Solution service group
GM Hiroyuki Yano

​Gold engineer occupation

Network / Web engineer


It is responsible for the configuration and design of the network system. It is required to master basic commands in routers and servers, and to absorb programming technology and new technology. Qualifications such as Cisco, Microsoft, Sun, Lotus, etc. are valid.

Server network engineer


It is a job to create an environment where information can be handled on a single network by digitizing it. From network system configuration to design, Cisco, Microsoft, Sun, Lotus and other qualifications are valid.
Even after designing the network, we may be involved in maintenance and operation. It's a job with very high needs.

Design and operation engineer


CAD operation / engineer


In preliminary design and basic design work, we cover drawings according to each purpose and parts design in detail of the design. It can be said that most of the implementation of the designed drawings is a job that requires specialized technical knowledge, experience and precision in the field.

 CAD (Computer Aided Design) We design drawings of automobiles, equipment, machines, plants, etc. using a computer. Software experience such as Auto-CAD and Micro CADAM, 3D (three-dimensional drawing) design, etc. are required, and CAD (modeler) creates a design drawing on the screen of a personal computer.

Technical support business


Inquiries are accepted.

It is a help desk job to answer inquiries at the company. In most cases, user support work requires technical knowledge, so skills are also required.

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