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We support work matching where our achievements and experience lead to the life you envision.

About work on the premises

Goldwork certified leader set dispatch

  • Work record (JOB rotation)

  • Staff guidance (follow-up) experience

  • Work efficiency (improvement) operation results

  • Qualified person etc.

Leaders who have cleared the above contents can follow and manage Gold dispatched workers (staff), so even inexperienced people can start work smoothly. By allocating staff, it is possible to promote visualization of on-site work efficiency and operating rate.

Achievements of on-site contract work

At Goldwork, we have long-term (more than 20 years) experience of undertaking on-site work by building a relationship of trust (communication) with companies, and based on the management and operation process built based on those experience. We make proposals to companies, and I think that the staff who work together can start work with peace of mind, and the evaluation system necessary for long-term work is also substantial, and we propose "Worklife" that works comfortably. We are doing it.

Voice of working staff


It's been three years since I started working at Goldwork. I have a lot of very close friends and I enjoy working.

Let's work together.


​I couldn't find a job that I worked for a long time, but the person in charge explained it in an easy-to-understand manner, so I thought that each employee would be happy with Goldwork, so I'm glad I decided on Goldwork. increase.

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