Why Goldwork is Selected

Why are we chosen!

​Reasons for choosing ①

Speedy staff for companies in need due to lack of human resources

I will dispatch you!

I wonder if there are many companies in any industry that are in trouble due to labor shortages.

It seems.
If the new staff is inexperienced, it will take time to train

It takes time.
At our company, we are ready to work to solve the shortage of human resources of each company.

We will propose the staff who will become , and save time and effort

can do.

Also, depending on the company, the number of applicants may be specified.

Please feel free to contact us.

​Reason for choosing ②

Not only letting you work, but also communicating with others

By taking it, work efficiency is improved!

We are recruiting dispatch staff from time to time, and when registering for dispatch

We are having an interview with the staff.
Check if you have communication skills and ask each company

I am making a suggestion.
Having communication skills makes the workplace a bright atmosphere, eliminates the omission of Ho-Ren-So regarding work, and makes work

Mistakes are reduced.
Also, if you are in charge and would like to have an interview with the staff, we would appreciate it if you could let us know in advance.

​Reason for choosing ③

Goldwork certified leader set dispatch

  • Work record (JOB rotation)

  • Staff guidance (follow-up) experience

  • Work efficiency (improvement) operation results

  • Qualified person etc.

The leader who cleared the above contents is a gold dispatched worker

On-site work by managing (staff)

We are promoting the visualization of efficiency and operating rate and operating it.

​Reason for choosing ④

Ability to respond to scheduled contract dispatch based on the track record of on-site contract work

At Goldwork, we have the experience of undertaking on-site work for a long time (more than 20 years) by building a relationship of trust (communication) with companies. We will propose the operation based on the management operation process built based on those experiences.

​Reason for choosing ⑤

​How to operate the customer attraction cycle

  • Cycle management that understands internal and external factors

  • Matchon management from staff (follow)

  • Partner management results with client companies

  • Attracting customers not aimed at increasing the number of registrants