How Goldwork aims to dispatch workers

Gold dispatch

= Work Life  Work Up =

Isn't the on-site staff just being forced to work now?

Work efficiency can be improved by communicating with the members who work together and the staff related to the surrounding area.

Definitely UP! To do.

At Goldwork, what kind of work can make the most of the individuality and human power of the applicant at the time of the dispatch registration interview?

We are always thinking about something and conducting matching interviews.

In particular, regarding communication skills, we believe that not only will the assigned site be connected to a bright atmosphere, but also the omission of Ho-Ren-So regarding work will be eliminated, which will lead to reduction of mistakes in the work process and contribute to productivity improvement.

"I want to cherish my time and work in a stable workplace."
Goldwork will continue to support you in order to fulfill your dreams and goals.